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HOOBOY! Conserva-blogger Jennifer Rubin feels the 'BERN' when Bernie Bros light her TF UP over her fantasy 'Biden Cabinet'

Now that Pete Buttigieg and Amy Klobuchar have magically dropped out of the race (that didn’t seem weird right before Super Tuesday, right?) it appears Jennifer Rubin is super excited to share her super-conservative Joe Biden Cabinet.



Because these people are totally not terrifying progressives and all about conservative ideals.

Kamala Harris for VP or AG?


And Warren in education?

Such a conservative. *eye roll*

Yeah, we’re sure Warren can’t wait to sit on Biden’s Cabinet, another evil white man holding her down.

Jenn is just forgetting one old socialist who happens to be leading the pack:

She’s assuming those 8 points will magically float to Biden … and you know what happens when someone ‘assumes.’


Good question.

Guess Bernie Bros are less than impressed with Jen’s ‘fantasy’ cabinet.

Good luck with all that, Jenn.



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