ABC 13 News in Lynchburg, VA deleted a tweet about a story NOT because there was an error or a mistake, but because the story was absolutely one of the dumbest and most thoughtless things we’ve quite frankly ever seen on Twitter.

Or on any site other for that matter.

Look at this:

This is AWESOME?!

The woman just lost her home AND HER SISTER in a fire and they think gifting her an umbrella is awesome.

Alrighty then.

This … is real?

Holy crap.

Nothing says you care about your audience like sending a woman who just lost her home AND HER SISTER an umbrella for a crappy PR stunt.


Just wow. Speechless.


Twirl the umbrella.



Sure, she lost her home AND HER FREAKIN’ SISTER, but at least she’s got this rad umbrella that she can twirl now.



No wonder they deleted it.

Well, THAT makes it far less cringe.

Oh, wait, nope.

Edited to add a teensy bit more context: 

Apparently, she really wanted an umbrella.

But c’mon guys. This was just  … yeah.




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