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'We are NOT props!' Obianuju Ekeocha drags Jennifer Rubin for suggesting Biden needs a woman of color to add ‘pizzazz’

Someone needs to explain to Jennifer Rubin how gross and racist her tweet about Biden announcing a woman of color as his running mate as a means to add ‘pizzazz’ to his campaign is.


You add pizzazz to an outfit with a scarf or some other accessory.

You don’t add a human being, especially a woman of color, to a campaign to make it more exciting. To add PIZZAZZ.

Tacky, Jenn.

Jennifer, WOC are not an ‘accessory.’

Wow wow wow, indeed.


Crazy, right?


Remember how Hillary would change her accent as she traveled the country? ‘I ain’t in no ways TIIIIARED.’


It’s what liberals do.



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