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Ben McDonald shares that @Khamenei.ir allows anyone to message 'him' and BOY-howdy, the messages people send are comedy gold

Ben McDonald decided to poke the bear (terrorist) and share that @Khamenei.ir appears to allow people to direct message the account. Tweeps were good enough to capture the various messages they sent to Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei on this hilarious thread …


There are some funny mofos out there.

Just sayin’.

Sure, annoy the head terrorist, Ben.

That’s really smart.


Ok, maybe not smart but freakin’ hilarious.

Kids these days.

DON’T do that.

Ok, do that.



Mmmmm … bacon.



Annnd we’re dead.



No, Chris, you’re the disgrace: Brit Hume DROPS Chris Murphy with his own 2019 tweet about Trump and the Middle East and it’s GLORIOUS

‘JFK would punch them in the mouth’: John Hayward decimates Dems giving Iran a ‘pass’ for murdering 180 people in blistering thread

‘I know for a FACT Obama admin sent letters directly TO Soleimani’: Michael Doran blows the whistle BIG TIME on John Kerry and Iran (wow!)

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