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This is JUST disgusting: NYT could be mistaken for Iranian propaganda with piece all but 'glorifying' Soleimani

The New York Times seems to be working overtime to paint a terrorist responsible for the deaths of thousands of innocent people as some sort of hero. Do they really just hate Trump that much or is there something more going on here?


Inquiring minds wanna know.

A terrorist made them feel safer.

Sure, NYT.

Notice they leave out reports about how students were promised free breakfasts, lunches, good grades if they attended the funeral; it’s not exactly a stretch to imagine this student was going for extra credit.

Or didn’t want any harm to come to himself or his family for saying otherwise.

Just thinkin’ out loud.

Shameful, even for the NYT.

And that’s saying something.


They’re not being written in good faith.


But orange man bad.

Just when you think the NYT can’t sink any lower …



BOOM: Brit Hume shares thread on Soleimani by Hussain Abdul-Hussain to straighten out ‘another mess’ made by the media

‘Makes ya’ think’: Nikki Haley takes Dem presidential candidates to the SHED for ‘mourning’ terrorist Soleimani (watch)

‘More aggressive SINCE the agreement’: AG takes Obama-cult defending his precious Iran Nuclear Deal apart in thread

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