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'WHOOHOO! Let's hear it for bread lines and taxes!' #PresidentSanders trends and yup, the jokes write themselves

After what the DNC did to Bernie Sanders and his supporters in 2016 it’s sort of adorable to see so many people who still think they’ll somehow allow him to be their nominee. And by adorable I mean sad and a little pathetic.

I hate to break it to them (not really) but it’s likely going to be Warren or Biden who runs against Trump in 2020.

Not Yang.

And not Bernie Sanders.

But hey, whatever helps them sleep at night.

You know the face you make when you can’t tell if it’s your husband or your corgi who has gas but SOMETHING stinks? Yup, just made that face.

Peter Daou is a Bernie Bro? HA HA HA HA HA

That’s hilarious.

Good LORD this is terrifying. It’s like this person wants to live in a third world country.

To each their own?

A 78-year-old socialist who was kicked out of a hippie commune for being too lazy and annoying is how they force change?

Alrighty then.

This is just sad …

So sad.


Remember when he made jokes about the terror attack that killed teenagers at an Arianna Grande concert?

Bernie supporters don’t seem to think these jokes are as funny as I do.

Look, it’s me! ^

Ok, so here at Twitchy we don’t typically include our own tweets (or write in first person) but since this is VIP and my tweet freaked them out in a YUGE way, why not.

His supporters got SO MAD at me for this tweet when all I really did was point out how corrupt the DNC was and is.

Socialists can dream, right?

Not like they’re busy working or anything.



‘Oh HONEY, sit this one out’: Ana Navarro’s tweet denouncing division is well … pretty damn divisive


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