Ana Navarro thinks this country is TOO DIVIDED, and she wants us all to do something about it right now.


Can’t help but notice Ana lumped the 5 Jewish folks who were stabbed during a Hanukkah celebration in with a bunch of talking points and half-stories that have been attributed to Trump and his supporters. She didn’t so much blame Trump for the stabbings, but she kinda sorta did.

In a very passive-aggressive and cowardly way.

Luckily, (unluckily?) I speak Ana.

They must DENOUNCE IT … unless they can use it to pretend Trump has made the country a more hateful, divided, and dangerous place.

Right, Ana?

And that one subject is ‘ORANGE MAN BAD’.

Ummm …

See what I mean? Ana knew her idiot followers would get the anti-Trump vibe from her tweet and trash them/

There’s only one big problem with her including the Jewish stabbings:


She really is.

If Ana talks about the stabbings on their own she has to admit the anti-Semitic rhetoric we’ve been seeing from the Left that the media has all been but ignoring for the past two years.

What they said.