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WHOA, she's right! Sharyl Attkisson points out 1 very DAMNING fact for Dems accusing Trump of using foreigners for political gain

There Sharyl Attkisson goes again, using facts and stuff.

She better be careful, Twitter has a bad habit of suspending and/or blocking people who make too much sense on their platform …


Factually speaking Sharyl is spot on here.

But … wait for it … keep waiting … wait some more … just one more second … BUT ORANGE MAN BAD.

This is part of what’s been making so many people nuts about the whole mess, the fact that Democrats appear to have done what they’re accusing Trump of doing. It’s not just the endless investigations that are annoying (and they are), but the absolute hypocrisy on the Left is off the freakin’ charts.

As usual.

Something like that.

Sharyl responded:

Well of COURSE she doesn’t hear much about that possibility because nobody in the traditional media wants to cover it.


They have an agenda and a narrative to push, ya’ know.

And nobody does ‘narcissistic elite’ better than Democrats.

They’ve been doing it for years, why stop now?


Fail to end ALL fails: Ellen Barkin accidentally shows how DUMB she really is while calling Trump supporters dumb and ROFL

Complete and TOTAL coward: Clay Travis DROPS Warriors coach Steve Kerr for conveniently having NO COMMENT on NBA/China

Nothing to see HERE –> Comey’s FBI spokesman took ‘monetary gifts’ from CNN reporter (then lied about it under oath)

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