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Fail to end ALL fails: Ellen Barkin accidentally shows how DUMB she really is while calling Trump supporters dumb and ROFL

Helpful hint for folks like Ellen Barkin who think they are smarter than other people because they vote differently from them: If you’re going to call a large group of people dumb and condescend to them like a hateful rage-shrew make sure you DON’T show everyone how dumb you really are while doing so.


See, this editor is a helper.

Ellen must’ve been desperate for attention (any sort) when she tweeted this thread of stupid:

Obvious troll is obvious.

Sure, Ellen, we’re the dumb ones.

There’s a reason people like her read lines someone else wrote for a living.

She continued …



And Ellen thinks Trump supporters are the dumb ones. K.

Yeah, she TOTALLY meant to do that.

Oh, and ‘ward’.


What a hyena.


Ellen must really want four more years of this.

We do believe this is called a self-own, although Ellen will likely claim she did this on purpose to make some point about spelling errors. And hey, let’s go with that line of reasoning as well – being as stupid as the guy she just called stupid proves a point how?

Yeah, fail. So much fail.


Complete and TOTAL coward: Clay Travis DROPS Warriors coach Steve Kerr for conveniently having NO COMMENT on NBA/China

Nothing to see HERE –> Comey’s FBI spokesman took ‘monetary gifts’ from CNN reporter (then lied about it under oath)

‘Go reread ORWELL’: Kimberley Strassel nails Dems/media about the terrible precedent they set under Obama and it’s PERFECT

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