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'Really Fredo?!' Sara Carter mocks Chris Cuomo for admitting Biden's Ukraine intervention was quid pro quo BUT different and LOL

Fredo believes Joe Biden’s intervention in Ukraine was absolutely a quid pro quo … but it wasn’t done for personal advantage.


You’ve got to wonder if Chris actually listens to the words coming out of his own mouth sometimes because this is Fredo-level stupid.


Sara Carter busted him:

It wasn’t done for personal advantage? Then what was it for, Fredo?!

These people are maddening.

How else can you make fun of it if you don’t watch?

But we get it.

Yeah yeah, we know, it’s immature but it makes us laugh.

Deal with it.

It was that OTHER type of quid pro quo.

You know, the not so quid pro quo kind.



Won’t someone please think of Fredo for a change?!


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