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This ain't rocket science: John Cardillo drops some SERIOUS fact-checks in debate with Montel Williams about James Comey

That moment as a Twitchy editor when you decide to go ahead and write the article about Montel Williams even though you know you’ll probably hear about it.



It all started with James Comey who you’d think would have something better to do than stalk Trump on Twitter but we suppose someone has to play the bitter ex-girlfriend, right?

The irony of James complaining about narcissism in another person is probably lost on him.

John Cardillo chimed in:

See?! It is sorta creepy and weird …

And speaking of creepy and weird:



Cardillo responded:

And back to Montel:



And crickets.

That TDS is some seriously nasty stuff.

You betcha.

It does come across as smug and sanctimonious.

Fair point.


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