Glenn Beck believes Ilhan Omar wants to destroy America.

Granted, he can be a tad melodramatic (that’s one of the reasons people listen to him) but he’s not wrong here.


Glenn addressed Nancy Pelosi directly, ‘This woman (Ilhan) is actively engaged, in my opinion, with some very, very bad people. I do believe she does want the destruction of America. This is more than just an ethics problem.’

He does give Ilhan the benefit of the doubt by saying she might be too stupid to know she’s helping bad people but … eh.

David Weissman, you know, the guy who pushed Trump hard then magically turned into a Leftist tool after he won, wants Ilhan to sue Glenn for libel.

Oh, David.

Dude, really?

No, no they don’t.

No, no he doesn’t.

This is usually where we grab tweets from people who think David is nuts, but since David conveniently gave up all of his principles to pander to the Left he seems to have blocked most everyone who disagrees with him …

Gotta love those echo chambers.

What love for America really looks like?

Oh, honey.

And we’re not sure what she’s talking about, public officials can sue …


Such an odd response from Ilhan.

But you know, she should totally sue Glenn or something.

She’s not.

Beth Mynett is a victim, Ilhan is not.

Which is why she really won’t sue.


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