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'You CAN'T be this stupid': Debra Messing tries playing dumb about her attempt to 'blacklist' Trump supporters and it's just SAD

Trump winning the election broke a lot of people.

Like Debra Messing for example.

A fundraiser for Trump is being held in Beverly Hills the week of the Emmy’s and Deb asked for the media to ‘print’ a list of those attending. Almost like a ‘blacklist’.


And here we thought no one could outdo Joaquin Castro’s attempt at targeting harassing Trump supporters.

When Deb was called out she defended herself by … wait for it … playing dumb.

Then again, maybe she wasn’t ‘playing’.



And then she tweeted this?

We’d ask what the heck is wrong with this woman but we’re pretty sure we don’t have the time to sit around and hear it all.

And THERE it is.


‘NO to more govt. intrusion’: TX Rep. Matt Schaefer’s thread pushing back on gun-control causes heads to EXPLODE

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BOOM: Dean Cain REFUSES to be bullied by Debra Messing and her ‘hate list’ of people attending Beverly Hills Trump fundraiser

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