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COWARDS! NYT caves to screeching, frothy-mouthed Leftists (like AOC) and changes 'Trump Urges Unity' headline

As Twitchy reported, the New York Times originally wrote a headline for Tuesday’s front page that read, ‘Trump Urges Unity vs. Racism.’ Because you know, that’s what he actually did and that would be reporting the news BUUUUUUT our delicate, good-natured, unbiased friends on the Left just couldn’t deal with it …


They threw a fit.

An embarrassing one, even for them.

And NYT caved.

Have we mentioned how damn dumb everything is lately? Because if we haven’t … it really is dumb.

We’d like to say this is unreal but sadly … it’s just not.

And Lord KNOWS they don’t want to upset the shriekiest of the shrieky.

Tremendous and not in a good way.

‘Assailing Hate But Not Guns’.

So ridiculous. Nutless, ridiculous, cowards.



Welp, at least the New York Times has officially admitted they are not an actual news outlet.

Hey, we’ve known for a while now but with their actions around this headline, at least they aren’t pretending anymore.


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