In response to the shootings this past weekend, Bill Clinton was tweeting about his assault weapons ban like it wasn’t a complete joke and failure and pushing for the government to reinstate it.

Would seem in his old age Bubba forgot a few things about the so-called ‘assault weapons’ ban, predominately that it DID NOT work.

Like at all.

Gosh, seems like a lot of people remember the ban differently.

Especially this Conservative woman …

Columbine. DC snipers …

Granted, if we’d forgotten these shootings (and many of them, we did) people who don’t inundate themselves with this nonsense 24/7 have surely forgotten. Which is what Bill was hoping for. Luckily there are tweeps out there, like @FreedomRecon, who haven’t forgotten.

Well, lucky unless you’re Bill Clinton.

But wait, there’s more.

Surely though Bubba was right, there was a drop in mass shootings, right?

So there were MORE mass shootings under the assault weapons ban.

Nice try, Hillary’s husband.



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