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DAMN this is good --> Kimberley Strassel live-tweeted CNN's #DemDebate and it's BRUTALLY brilliant

In case you missed the Democratic Debates (and honestly, if you’re sane you stayed as far from that disaster as possible), Kimberley Strassel was good enough to ‘live-tweet’ the entire mess and her takeaways and analysis are spot on.


Truly a great way to catch up if you’re curious about what was said without having to torture yourself watching any replays.

The huge divide on the Left was painfully obvious during both debates but last night, the way they went after Kamala Harris and Joe Biden … wow.

Biden was right.

Which was why Kamala started melting down early.

Pretty sure he did not mean to be THAT honest.


Kirsten Gillibrand said a whole lot of nothing.

The end.

Booker sounds like a broken terminator, he’s very robotic and disingenuous.


No matter what any other candidate said, Kamala denied these facts.

It was painful.



Interesting how a bunch of people who got rich working for the ‘government’ wants to put actual entrepreneurs in jail.

Scary stuff.


Medicare For All is another policy most Americans don’t want.

Democrats also spent a good bit of time pretending the economy isn’t roaring … it was all rather embarrassing.




We keep waiting for AOC to call Gabbard sexist for making Kamala Harris look so bad last night.



She slammed Harris but she’s just as nutty, folks.



The whole thing was PAINFUL.


Annnd we’re DEAD! @TheDemocrats asking folks to share pics of themselves watching #DemDebate goes REALLY wrong

Brit Hume dumps a nice, cool, refreshing glass of STFU juice on Dem candidates weeping about separated children at the border

‘Is this a JOKE?!’ Sally Kohn tweets her ‘dream team’ for the White House and WOW, her followers seem TICKED off about it

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