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'Lost in a world without purpose': Tragic murder of Bianca Devins inspires must-read thread about the 'incel community'

This morning news broke that 18-year-old Bianca Devins had been brutally murdered by a guy she met on Discord. The story itself is so gruesome and horrible this editor has had a difficult time covering it from any angle …


From the Washington Examiner:

Bianca Devins was just a young girl who enjoyed video games and had a prominent Instagram personality. She had so much more to live for. That could’ve been me, or any of the other young girls and women out there who have been targeted online.

The internet has created a dangerous culture among some young men. In the darkest corners of the internet, men spew hatred against women in some “incel” — involuntarily celibate — communities and circles. Many of these men blame their lack of success with women not on their own shortcomings, but on women.

This story inspired a fairly spectacular thread on ‘incels’ …

Posted without further comment.





And curtain.


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