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Whoa whoa WHOA! Thread from 2018 about possible connection between Jeffrey Epstein and Mueller's FBI is enlightening

Every once in a while we come across a thread that well and truly speaks for itself, and this thread from @Techno_Fog from May of 2018, is one of those threads.


And a possible connection between Jeffrey Epstein and Mueller’s FBI could be more important now than ever … take a look.

*twiddles thumbs*


What a tangled web they weaved …


If we learn nothing else from this disaster of an investigation let it be that our intelligence community can be dirty and shady AF.

Here’s the most interesting part.



And now that Epstein has been arrested what will we learn?



DESPERATE for attention and FAILED Dem candidate Pam Keith makes A*S of herself picking a fight with the GOP and YIKES

Honey, YOU WISH: Alyssa Milano writes a check her butt can’t CASH with hateful tweet about choosing between political parties

Like, she’s so MAD! AOC’s late-night temper tantrum after Nancy Pelosi throws SERIOUS shade her way only makes her look WORSE


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