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'Deserve a SMACK in the mouth': Ricky Gervais turns pro-throwing-milkshake Twitter upside down with SPOT-ON tweet

Ricky Gervais gets it.

Throwing a milkshake at someone you disagree with politically just proves you don’t really have an argument; of course, he said it far better than we can.



By all MEANS, people should argue politics because at the end of the day it affects all of our lives and many of these issues and topics inspire passion. Even anger. But if someone can’t argue their point without getting violent and/or throwing things at others (even a milkshake) then they got nothin’.




Ok, this editor just pinched herself because Ricky is actually making a lot of sense here.

Would someone please check Hell and make sure it hasn’t frozen over? Thanks.

We don’t wanna know.


Sort of like how people think it’s ok to punch a Nazi which is problematic when so many folks believe anyone they disagree with is a Nazi.

Spot on, Ricky. Well done.


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