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OMG, like, for REAL?! Socialist Dem darling AOC complaining about her first-world problems (mustache!) is PRICELESS (watch)

Like, OMG, watching a Socialist Democrat like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez complaining about, like, how she had her nails done and like the woman at the salon told her her eyebrows are too big for her face and that like, she has a mustache, is like hilarious and stuff.


Nothing says AOC means business like posting these sorts of videos of herself complaining about the woman at the nail salon.

It’s a mystery why no one seems to take her all that seriously.

Don’t look at us, man, we just work here.

What’s funny is we TOTALLY believe this happened to her. She seems almost as upset as when she discovered her garbage disposal for the first time.

It is.



Annnnd we’re done here.


‘Just BAD journalism’: Dana Loesch DROPS a serious fact-check on the AP for their ‘fact(less) check’ on Trump’s infanticide claims

KEEP tellin’ yourself that, sweetie! AOC’s claim she’s ‘changing the GOP agenda’ with her Green New Deal BS gets ALL the backfire

Hope Carol Roth got a receipt after OWNING the NYT for claiming there’s no link between illegal immigrants and crime

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