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'Breaking hearts!' Feminist's thread 'rallying the troops' to take part in Alyssa Milano's #SexStrike BACKFIRES and LOL

We’re still scratching our heads about what exactly Alyssa Milano and a few feminists think a #SexStrike will accomplish in the grand scheme of things in Georgia. They don’t live in Georgia, the bill is really none of their business and to be honest, abstinence is a good thing to a group of people pushing for regulations around abortion.


So it’s really just a hot mess of hilarious.

Take for example this thread from Kate Kelly about how rad it is to go on a #SexStrike.

Cis men?

That is SO 2015.

Abstinence is just that, abstinence. That includes women, Kate.

So in other words, women have a long, long history of treating sex as a commodity?

We thought feminists opposed treating women this way.


Using sex as a weapon.

This just gets worse and worse.



Hard pass.


Gosh, we’re not seeing very many so-called ‘cis men’ concerned about the #SexStrike.




Sums it up nicely, doncha think?


DEFINITION of gaslighting! Twilight Zone writer jumps EVERY shark with ridiculous anti-life thread about ‘keeping sperm safe’

PLEASE clap! Elizabeth Warren hops on an airport shuttle ‘with the little people’ and their reaction is PRICELESS (watch)

‘SO DUMB, even for you’! Alyssa Milano responds to woman disagreeing with her #SexStrike with VILE lie about miscarriage

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