Hey! We know what you’re really looking for these days is another article on a thread written by an insane person trying to make an even more insane argument about abortion … right?! No? Well, sorry not sorry because we have a real doozy here, folks.

DNA is not when life begins.

Whoa boy.

We get what she’s trying to do here, argue against the idea of life beginning at conception but wow … this is so bad. Like not even funny bad.


Talk about gaslighting on STEROIDS.


And then she got all cute about the ration she’s been receiving.

They just don’t get it.

Some of us are, yes.

Maybe this is the basis of a future episode she’s writing?

Ok, probably not.


Pro-aborts debate arguments that don’t exist because they know they can’t win the actual argument. Easier to debate some point to the extreme that no one has even made than accept that abortion really is murder and they still want it on demand.

You’d think it would be funnier though, right?



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