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You'd know ALL ABOUT that, sweetie: AOC talking smack about 'sheer mediocrity' of GOP most IRONIC thing maybe EVER

One of the things that genuinely surprised us about AOC is the sheer mediocrity of her tweets.


Thinking she felt left out with all the ridiculous noise Ilhan Omar has been making so she decided to tweet something stupid for attention. Yeah, her cult eats it up when she craps all over people who disagree with her politically but this was a reach considering her track record with ‘reaching’.

Serious people don’t complain about bowties but you already knew she’s not serious.


Alrighty then.

And then she blamed an intern for it – remember?

That intern was probably wearing a bowtie or something though.


It’s impressive in a really sad and terrible way.

Who could forget her singing the praises of the VA?

Funny, right?


Oh, but she is an expert on being embarrassing and mediocre. She’s made a career of it.


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