It may be totally immature but we are really enjoying watching the Left throw a temper tantrum because they are unable to strong-arm and or intimidate AG William Barr in any way. We thought the perpetual fit they’ve been throwing since Hillary lost in 2016 was bad but wow, they are seriously losing it over Barr not letting them have their way.

For example, Nancy Pelosi is now accusing Barr of committing a crime. Next up they’ll start calling him Putin’s puppet.


Prove it, Nancy.

And seriously, what do they think is going to come of this? Trump is here to stay and since Democrats haven’t been able to stop being crazy long enough to get their poop in a group the odds of him destroying them in 2020 are really high.

He should send them a thank you note.

Seriously. It’s getting so old.


AKA Obama’s wingman.


What Ken said.

To be fair we’re pretty sure Nancy herself doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

All day THAT. ^


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