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Just a PRETEND journo: CNN’s Jim Sciutto DRAGGED for shameful spin on 'US supporting an armed coup' in Venezuela

Don’t miss this: CNN’s Jim Sciutto tweeted something really stupid about what is happening in Venezuela today in an attempt to dunk on the Trump administration.


Soooo … he’s saying that supporting those fighting against the dictator and Russian-backed govt. is a bad thing?

We thought Russia was bad?

Wish these yahoos would make up their freakin’ minds.


Wait, does that work here?

Yeah, we think it does.

It’s so confusing and by confusing we mean predictable and damn annoying.

Well, see, he DOES but he’s trying really hard to make people think he doesn’t which is why he’s backing this ‘coup’ … you know what, we can’t even being to spin this spin.


How on Earth is CNN taken the least bit seriously?

We’ll have to check back later.

She said please, man.


People don’t matter to the Left anymore. All that really matters to them at the end of the day is taking Trump down.

Couldn’t think of a better way to describe the 2019 media.


‘Caught lying in REAL TIME: ‘The Nation’ contributor takes Rachel Maddow APART for ‘Russia conspiracies’ in BRUTAL thread

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Now, THAT’S an impressive ratio! Blue-check journo’s brag about harassing ‘pr*ck in a MAGA hat’ goes BADLY for her

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