Is it our imagination or is Ben Rhodes really, super, duper red in the face answering this question about Obama’s White House? Not to mention he seems to stutter, flail around, and squirm … a lot.


He heard about the Trump investigation as a citizen … reading the paper.

Sure, Ben, tell us another one.

Isn’t that how Obama claimed he learned about scandals when he was president? Suppose when you have a ‘winning’ talking point you stick with it.

So good.

In a really painful way.

Imagine getting away with claiming you know so little.

That’s an insult to slimeballs.

As we said, it really is painful to watch. Sort of like when a parent asks their child if they did something wrong and you know that child is LYING through their teeth.

WaPo. C’mon, Ben. Really? At least claim it was The New York Times or something.

He’s down with the people.


That. ^ HA!


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