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'Caught lying in REAL TIME: 'The Nation' contributor takes Rachel Maddow APART for 'Russia conspiracies' in BRUTAL thread

Aaron Maté is a contributor at The Nation. We mention this because he’s not someone you would traditionally think of as being a part of the right-wing media and in fact, if you go to The Nation’s Twitter page it says, “The place for debate on the left.”


And whoa nelly, Aaron is definitely ‘debating’ on the Left with this thread about Rachel Maddow and her Trump-Russia conspiracy theories.

Notice, he is responding TO HER for this entire thread.

Here, have some of our popcorn, this just gets better.

About as good as the other Russian conspiracies she’s been pushing.



Yeah, Rachel really is awful.

But you knew that.

Whoa boy.



Wrong, wrong, and wrong again.

We knew Rachel’s track record wasn’t great but yeah, wow.

All we can say is, ouch.


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