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'Imagine thinking ISIS was provoked': Catholic comedian Jeremy McLellan SLAMS media for doing ISIS' propaganda for them

A theory floating around about why the Islamic State murdered hundreds of innocent Sri Lankan Christians on Easter day is that it was retaliation for the mosque shooting that took place in New Zealand earlier this year in March.


Of course, not everyone is buying into this narrative, like Catholic comedian Jeremy McLellan for example.

If Christians would just stop picking on ISIS, right? Mean ol’ Christians always doing mean stuff to terrorists and provoking them.

Because you know, ISIS wouldn’t want to massacre a bunch of innocent people (especially Christians) unless the victims somehow started it.

In other words, it’s sorta what they do.

Something like that.


RIGHT?! Did you guys know that if you’re angry or upset that terrorists killed a bunch of innocent Christians on Easter Sunday that makes you an alt-right fascist and stuff?

Gotta love the media.

Oh, wait.

No, we don’t.


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