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Talk about 'Idiocracy' for REAL --> CNN journo just butchers how impeachment actually works and OMG-LOL (watch)



Granted, much of CNN’s programming is pretty hard to watch but this? This is exceptionally bad …

So you KNOW we gotta share it with you, dear reader. We’re #givers.


‘Casually not knowing what impeachment is or how it works.’


We suppose CNN is gonna CNN, right?

Ahem, it’s CNN.

Just sayin’.

Poor tater, he just keeps setting himself up for these things. FYI, we looked for Bri’s response to Eddie’s question and whaddya know, it doesn’t exist. If by chance he does answer we’ll keep you posted (but we’re not counting on it).


Which ain’t happenin’ anytime soon. We know, Democrats need to posture, pander, and pretend they can somehow remove Trump but at the end of the day that’s just what it is … posturing, pandering and pretending.

Like we said, ain’t happenin’ anytime soon.

That hasn’t stopped the Democrats from claiming otherwise.



True story.

And CNN knows they don’t know any better.

HA! You know what, it’s possible.

And curtain.


HOLY COW! Rob Reiner’s reported ties to Fusion GPS/Steele-linked group explain SO MUCH (and NONE of it’s good)

Dude, WTAF?! ‘Academic’ claims Sri Lanka victims of terror attack could be Muslims because global Islamophobia and stuff (watch)

Oh honey, NO! Parker Molloy doubles DOWN on calling Sri Lanka victims ‘Easter Worshippers’ in predictably STUPID rage-thread

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