Rob Reiner doesn’t like Trump.

In other news, water is still wet.

But we hadn’t really thought about how much Reiner wanted to interfere with Trump beyond Twitter … he’s been tweeting mean and cryptic things to and about the president for years now. Like this.

But it seems there may be more to Reiner’s tweeting than just being an annoying Hollywood douche-nozzle.

It was embarrassingly wrong, but it wasn’t the first nor will it be the last time so many of us didn’t think much of it. But it sounds like it could have been much more.


Meathead funded a group linked to FusionGPS/Steele? And sorry, we can’t stop laughing at the idea of an organization putting Democracy and Integrity together in their name. Talk about an oxymoron.

Pardon this editor while she adjusts her tinfoil hat.


Not holding our breath.


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