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Get her a SNICKERS bar! Sally Kohn's 3-word attempt to MOVE goalposts after Mueller Report drops gets her SO VERY ratio'd

As we said in an earlier piece about Rep. Eric Swalwell calling for AG Barr to resign, the Left is certainly handling the #MuellerReport very well today …


Especially Sally Kohn.

Kiss. Our. Butts.

Sorry, that was immature but GIVE US A BREAK.

We have spent the last two years listening to these same people harp on the idea that Trump somehow was elected because of RUSSIA and now we have proof that was BULLSH*T and yet now these same people are doubling down like they have ANY influence anymore.

They lied.

They pushed a lie.

And they lost.

Move on.

Oh, and in case you were wondering yes, Sally done got ratio’d all over the place.


Us too, man.


So predictable and pathetic.

RIGHT?! Where are the clap emoji thingies?

Fail, Sally.


That’s an oldie but a goodie.


‘What do you think the report IS, moron?!’ Adam Schiff’s immediate response to #MuellerReport is his most DESPERATE yet

GRRL BYE! Alyssa Milano tries making her OWN case to prove Trump colluded with Russia but ain’t NOBODY buyin’ it

ENTIRE investigation was a farce! Sean Davis’ thread taking #MuellerReport collusion apart could spell BIG trouble for Hillary

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