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Wheel of LOL! Pat Sajak has a BRILLIANTLY brutal idea for Lefties complaining about GOP tax cuts on #TaxDay

Pat Sajak had a few words of wisdom for anyone complaining that Americans aren’t paying enough in taxes on this ‘glorious’ tax day.


Oddly enough, we don’t see a whole lot of the same people whining that taxes are too low writing any additional checks to the treasury. Crazy, right?

Yeah yeah, we know they want OTHER people to foot the bill but this still makes us laugh every time.

Just like that. Yup.

Crazy talk.

It’s always some evil rich faceless white dude.

True story.



Somebody’s gotta do it!


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‘Sniveling, gaslighting little TWERP’! David Hogg’s attempt at dunking on Trump over 9/11 goes REALLY REALLY REALLY bad

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