David Hogg should probably step off his annoying little soapbox when it comes to 9/11. Especially if he thinks Trump’s video was more ‘triggering’ to 9/11 survivors than Ilhan Omar’s thoughtless, lazy comments about how ‘some people did something.’

We know what you’re thinking … David who?

You guys remember him, he’s the Parkland survivor who was probably NOT on campus during the actual shooting but somehow managed to exploit the entire tragedy to make a name for himself.

Guess how people reacted to his ‘lecturing’:

Sniveling little gas-lighting twerp. That fits him to a T.

Skinny Groot.

That’s a new one.


How long ya’ got?

Maybe sit this one out is way nicer than telling him to sit his arse down.

With all due respect.



Yup, we made that face too.


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