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WHOOPSIE! Sen. Jeff Merkley's dunk on Trump accidentally SMACKS Obama right in his Fast and Furious

Senator Jeff Merkley thinks it’s Trump who doesn’t get it but the rest of us know HE’S the one who doesn’t get it.

Granted, this is the guy who claimed Socialism was about Social Security (don’t make that face, we didn’t say it and in fact, we made fun of him for it) but dude, talk about a stupid tweet. Hey Jeff, thanks for basically admitting Obama sent guns over the southern border and that’s why we’re dealing with so much of this crap in the first place.


See what we mean?

So desperate to dunk on Trump that he doesn’t think before he tweets.

Which honestly seems to be a fairly consistent trait among Democrats these days but wow, this was pretty bad.

Anything is possible.

See what we mean?



And hey, Jeff, thanks for admitting it! Yer a pal!


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