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'Sniffing Private Ryan': You KNEW it was only a matter of time before #BidenAMovie trended on Twitter and ROFLMAO

Good ol’ Twitter.

Especially good ol’ Conservative Twitter.

They never let us down.

C’mon, admit it, you knew it was only a matter of time before Joe Biden somehow trended in a hashtag game, and #BidenAMovie is likely only the start. Soon we’ll see #BidenABook, #BidenAQuote, #BidenADish … you know, typical hashtag game fun. Well, fun unless you’re Biden or a Democrat who wants this whole ‘sniffing hair’ thing to go away. But luckily we’re doing our best at Twitchy not to let that happen anytime soon.


Here are some of the best on #BidenAMovie.

Oh dear.

Or just …

This sniffing thing isn’t going anywhere.


This works.


‘I’m your sister.’

Man, the 2020 Election is gonna be so much fun.

Well, not for Democrats but definitely for us.


And we’re done here.

Ok, that’s probably not true and if you crazy people keep writing funny tweets on this tag we’ll likely add new ones but you get what we mean … right?


It’s SIMPLE math! Rep. Dan Crenshaw gets REAL about the crisis at the border and Lefties come un-glitter-glued

TFW VP Mike Pence makes Eric Holder look like a GINORMOUS jacka*s and it just takes 1 tweet with 4 EPIC photos

Can’t be REAL LIFE: AOC b*tches about the cost of a croissant at LaGuardia, TRIPS spectacularly over her Green New Deal

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