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'Can't make this SCHIFF up!' Libs show how WHACKED they are about Trump on #IStandWithSchiff and it totally BACKFIRES

You might think it’s ok that Rep. Adam Schiff has spent the last two years lying to the Amerian people about the proof he had that Trump colluded with Russia, but we don’t think it’s ok.


Do we sound like this yahoo? Watch for yourself.

He can think whatever he wants but if the evidence that Trump colluded with Russia isn’t there then it isn’t there. So womp-womp and stuff.

We understand, Schiff has spent SO MUCH time acting like he was holding the Ace and it turns out he was actually playing Go Fish, but this was just pathetic. And you can tell how angry he is that his game is over.

He’s also probably a teensy bit mad that Trump tweeted that he should resign. Well, Trump and a bunch of other Republicans, which is probably why the Left started the silly #IStandWithSchiff tag that only ended up backfiring on them like most of their hashtags do.


Delusional is putting it nicely.

HA HA HA. That Vince McMcMahon meme never gets old.

Should probably see a doc for that.



True story.


And yes, yes it should be.


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