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Have the 'paste-eaters' at The Bulwark finally completely jumped the shark?! Their HOT take on socialism says YUP

Welp, if you needed another reason to point and laugh at ‘The Bulwark,’ here ya’ go.


At the end of the day, it’s their site and their choice as to what they publish for their readers. Truth be told we probably wouldn’t even pay attention to what they’re writing except for the fact they insist they are conserving conservatism.

Or they were, did they change their header?

Slightly dangerous. K.

British dude.


Except for that to work they’d have to actually support the Right.


ORANGE MAN BAD, that’s how.

Conservative principles like socialism.


C’mon, lighten up. Socialism has only killed millions of people … psh.


Oh, our sides.



True dat.


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