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Like, OMG! AOC's video comparing border wall to Berlin Wall, claiming she's being spied on is OFF THE CHARTS nutty (watch)

You know those videos you come across on Twitter that make you stop, watch, and then ask yourself, ‘WTAF did I just watch?’

This Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez video about the Berlin Wall and other nonsense is exactly THAT and we’re asking ourselves, ‘WTAF did we just watch?’


Here, you watch it too and then tell us if AOC seems a teensy bit … paranoid?

Remember when Rep. Eric Swalwell compared our border wall to the Berlin Wall? HA.

These people never learn.

It’s a PLOT … we’re all spying on her.

Or, you know, if she stopped tweeting every damn thing that enters her brain or recording herself rambling about the Berlin Wall MAYBE people would stop noticing her. Look at the face she makes when she mimics someone spying on her and texting about it.



This is why millennials should grow up a teensy bit more before running for office. Seriously. #GitOffOurLawn


Like, OMG.

For real? 188+ times?!

That’s, like, CRAZY.


We see what he did here.

Like, maybe?


Show your WORK, Adam! We could watch Brit Hume DISMANTLE Adam Schiff and the media over Russia all day long

You can run but you can’t HIDE! Nancy Pelosi tries quietly deleting her #JussieSmollett tweet BUT that doesn’t go so hot

‘It’s TIRESOME’: Megyn Kelly calls the media OUT for virtue signaling over #JussieSmollettHoax and Lefties just can’t DEAL

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