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You OWN this! Ralph Northam breaks ratio RECORDS while VA Democrats backpedal like CRAZY on vile abortion bill

As Twitchy readers know, Gov. Ralph Northam really stuck his foot in his big mouth during a radio appearance where he admitted that yes, a baby could be aborted after it had been delivered. This was in response to a bill introduced by Del. Kathy Tran, a Democrat who has incidentally deleted her Twitter and Facebook accounts after the shocking video showing her admitting just how far her proposed bill would go went viral.


So brave.

As our readers ALSO know, ol’ Ralph was not very happy that people would insinuate he doesn’t care for children … even though people were just quoting his own words.

Now, check out the ratio on his tweet.

Over 16k comments. That there is what we call a ratio REKT.

And it couldn’t have happened to a more deserving fella.

Meanwhile, while Northam is busy being offended that people are upset with him for basically saying it’s AOK to abort a child after they have been born, Del. Dawn Adams of Richmond is trying to save her own hide since she was a co-sponsor with Tran on the disgusting abortion bill.

Ohhhh, ok, because that’s better.


She co-sponsored a bill she didn’t read very clearly.

On abortion.

This is just one disaster after another.

Look at this VA Democrat trying to blame … wait for it … TRUMP.

Notice how Mark brought up Northam being a vet, like that makes him supporting this bill any better.

We. Heard. Them.

There is radio and video evidence.

What are they going to do next? Blame Russia?

Wait, maybe we shouldn’t give them any ideas.

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