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'Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah': Thread on how to tweet JUST like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez WINS Twitter (ha!)

When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez tweets, people LISTEN.

And then they laugh, and laugh, and laugh.

This poor woman, yikes.

If this editor needs something to write about, nine times out of 10 she can peruse Alexandria’s timeline and find some nugget to write an entire article on because ‘Jenny From the Socialist Block’ is a treasure trove of twittery. Others have noticed a pattern or theme in Alexandria’s tweets as well:



It’s true.

If only other people could tweet like Alexandria.

Wait, WHAT?! Is this TRUE?! Is this REAL?!

It is!

This thread is, well, everything. You’re welcome.

Ooh, good tip.



If scrambled eggs are made from eggs why aren’t pancakes made from pans? WHOA, that works!



We’ll have you know we NEVER kick puppies, just orphans and the elderly. Sheesh, we’re not total monsters you know.



But just think, instead of cash this person gets to do this sh*t for the laughs … and a Twitchy or two.


He MAD! James Woods SERIOUSLY triggered Michael Avenatti by offering to set up a #GoFundMe for him

TFW Ben Shapiro hilariously MOCKS Stephen King for ANGRILY claiming he’s not pretentious and we can’t stop laughing

Gee, ya’ THINK?! Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez just destroyed her own ‘Medicare For All’ idea and she didn’t even realize it

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