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Whataboutism FAIL: Sally Kohn trips OVER Obama's 'flexibility after the election' and Hillary's 'server' in dig at Trump

Sooner or later, our good, sweet, delicate friends on the Left are going to figure out they cannot keep comparing Trump’s actions to those of Obama or Hillary because whether they want to admit it or not, both Democrats were shady AF.


Although to be fair, we’re not entirely sure who the shadiest of the pair is … both are pretty freakin’ shady.

But that didn’t stop Sally Kohn from trying to use Obama and Hillary in this slam on Trump:

As always, imagine for a second if Sally thought before she tweeted.

But then again, if she did that whatever would we write about?

Scratch that.

She continued:

Such a whataboutism FAIL!

And she tried so hard here, too.



In the last three? Well, we know one who was more than willing to be more flexible with Russia after his election, does that count?

Convenient memories, the lot of ’em.


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