Don’t make lists on Twitter, especially political ones. Well, truth be told, there are a good many things that will get you made fun of on Twitter (have you seen Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s timeline?), but a list where you lump a bunch of people into a fairly hateful category is well, not that bright.

As this self-proclaimed ‘anarchist’ learned the hard way. Seems he thinks people like Charlie Kirk are ‘gateways to the far right,’ whatever the heck that means.

So is he saying Ben Shapiro is a gateway drug? Asking for a friend.

But wait, that’s not all!

Steven Crowder.

Joe Rogan.

Dude, for real? Look, some of these people are definitely more to the right but putting people like Ben, Steven, Tucker, and Dave Rubin on a list with Alex Jones? Fail.

Anarchists are gonna anarchist.

All of the Beatles? EL OH EL.

Don’t tell Tipper Gore.


See what we mean? NEVER make lists on Twitter.


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