Once again we see the Left’s hypocrisy, this time with Ivanka Trump’s emails. Now, we get what they’re trying to do, they’re fussy with the Right because Hillary got HAMMERED (but not convicted) for her emails so now they think this Ivanka email thing is a gotcha.

But Sharyl Attkisson points out how the only real gotcha here is their inability to hold anyone with a D by their name accountable, especially when it’s Hillary.


Silly Sharyl, it’s ok when Hillary does horrible things because it’s her turn or something.

Like gassing people at the border or putting children in cages, the Left only cares when it’s not their party doing it. Otherwise, they’re all about ‘looking the other way.’

Hillary? Sure.

Oh, he meant Ivanka. Our bad.


Gosh, they try so hard.

*sigh* These people.

If they lock Ivanka up they damn well better lock Hillary up, and that’s the point Sharyl is making here.

Can’t have it both ways, Dems. Sorry, not sorry.


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