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Doesn't get more BATSH*T than THIS! Unemployed blue-check writes disturbing thread about 'punishing' Republicans

Meet David Klion.

Yeah, we’ve never heard of him either, and yet he is verified and has this editor blocked. Shocking, right?

Anyway, David is an unemployed chap on Twitter who thinks that Republicans are brown shirts and that several leaders of the party are Nazis. Looking at this sentence you’d think we were making this up but NOPE, he is real.


And so is his troubling thread.

Maybe David missed it but Nancy Pelosi did indeed call anyone who disagrees with the Democrat’s agenda ‘collateral damage’. He should probably watch the video before ranting like some lunatic on Twitter.

But of course, he didn’t.

Say what? Not just no but Hell no.

Punish us.


Told you this was insane.


Dude has clearly been eating paint chips or something …

But Trump.

Or at least put the Twitter DOWN.



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OMG did he REALLY say that?! ONLY Obama could make this big of a jacka*s of himself in Michigan (watch)

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