You know our good friends on the Left are running out of talking points when they start making up people to hate who don’t exist like Judd Legum did by ‘overhearing’ two men who just so happened to fit every convenient stereotype that feeds his BS narrative.

Because so often people sit around in coffee shops talking about open carry and black-on-black crime.

Especially men.

Sure they were.

What do you want to bet Judd looked up Jews on Wikipedia so he could find shocking things these ‘men’ said?

Thankfully, Judd is full of crap.

Did he really think anyone would buy this?

Wait, he’s part of ThinkProgress … never mind.

Racist and sexist Uber drivers are a tad more believable, sure.

Most likely.

Dude writes for ThinkProgress, what do you think?

Just $600? We gave him $1000.

What about a woke six-year-old being overheard in a coffee shop?



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