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'WHY does Twitter hate gay Conservatives'? @GayPatriot suspended AGAIN for being the 'wrong type of gay'

Twitter supports gay people as long as they don’t vote for Republicans. Jack can pretend there’s not a bias on his site all he wants but actions speak louder than words. If GayPatriot was a raving, raging, frothy-mouthed Leftist he would not only be safe from suspension but he’d probably have a pretty blue check by his name.


But since he’s a conservative apparently he’s fair game, even though he’s supposedly a part of a protected group.


And what was he suspended for?

Without explanation.

Which means they didn’t send him a tweet to delete or any action to take so he really doesn’t know what he did wrong. This editor has herself been suspended a number of times (wrong type of woman apparently), and it’s never a good thing when they don’t send you a tweet to delete.

We hope this doesn’t mean he’s permanently suspended.

Even though his avatars really are the worst, we need him back, Twitter.


Something has got to give.


We all know what his ‘crime’ is …

Seems a timely suspension considering GayPatriot speaks to a protected demographic of the Left.

*adjusts tinfoil hat*




He tried SO HARD! Ron Perlman calls Twitchy ‘muthaf*ckas’ out for making fun of him and his Nazi tweet, there’s just 1 problem

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