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FBI investigation BACKFIRING, DiFi? Sen. Dianne Feinstein goes after Rachel Mitchell and her memo in DESPERATE dig

Is it our imagination or is Senator Dianne Feinstein forgetting the old adage about never letting them see you sweat?

DiFi seems a little … touchy? Huh, wonder why that is.


Could be that her lame attempt to hijack the court by throwing the Ford Hail Mary is completely falling apart and the FBI investigation she and her cohorts in the Democratic party worked tirelessly to arrange has backfired. She’s gone from claiming Kavanaugh is literally Hitler to complaining that Trump made fun of Ford and then making a sideways dig at sex-crimes prosecutor Rachel Mitchell.

The only one discrediting Ford is Ford, Dianne.

Well, and maybe you a little.

Way to go.



When Trump originally nominated Kavanaugh, many people on the Right were like, ‘Eh, who? Ok, he’s sorta boring but whatevs.’ This is no longer about Kavanaugh, this is about shutting down an ugly, nasty, dangerous precedent the Left is trying to set.

How many times do we have to remind DiFi she SAT ON THIS LETTER for nearly two months?!

Ugh, this woman.


People in glass houses who employ a Chinese spy to drive them around for twenty years probably shouldn’t throw stones, Dianne.

Just sayin’.


‘Drove me absolutely NUTS’! Ford’s fear of flying may not have been the only FAKE thing about her testimony (we KNEW it!)

Meltdown CONFIRMED! CNN legal analyst completely LOSES his sh*t in shouty, lie-filled thread on Kavanaugh

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