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Is this REAL?! Video shows JACKASS 'dad' offering 'daughter' $100 to knock MAGA hat off teen's head (watch)

There’s a video making its way around social media of a ‘dad’ offering his daughter $100 to knock a MAGA hat off a teen’s head in the mall. Now, full disclosure, we can neither confirm nor deny that this is real, for all we know this could be some sort of sad ‘play’ to bolster a bunch of rage online.


And to be honest we hope that’s the case because if not … wow.

Editor’s note: If you’re watching this video at work or in school please make sure you wear headphones or turn the sound way down because the language is definitely not work-friendly or school-friendly.


Parenting fail there, chief. In so many ways.

Seriously, what a moron.

Exactly. What if that kid wearing the MAGA hat had gotten angry at his daughter and confronted her? He put his kid in a horrible situation for some lame gotcha that Trump will likely never see and then shared it further putting her in danger.


No words for how stupid this whole thing is.


Sadly, this is all too true.


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