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Owning libs BEFORE it was cool! Sean Spicier NUKES media, AOC, and Brennan then Lefties come UN-GLITTER-GLUED

Your favorite parody account, Sean Spicier, doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon, thank goodness. And we know, we’ve written it over and over again, that people still think he’s Sean Spicer is truly the stuff of Twitter legend.


Not to mention Spicer himself has kinda sorta fallen off most people’s radar, the fact these resistance types are still going out of their way to yell at Spicier tells you they’re just looking for an excuse to add a little glitter to the glue they’re sniffin’.

We present bits and pieces from Spicier’s timeline since the last time we wrote about him – we know, you’re welcome:



Get off our lawn!

She really did try hard.

A for effort!

We were told there would be no math.



According to Ron Perlman, we work for Putin too, crazy times indeed.


And we know that he knows that we know that he knows that they know.

Or something.

Who knows?

The woman with a cat avi sure put Sean in his place.

And yet there Joe is, caring what a parody account thinks.



It’s a lot of work being this likable and funny.

And this editor speaks from experience.


Ha ha ha ha.


Ok, so he or she noticed there was no blue check but thought it was some mean thing against Spicer.


Hey now. How YOU doin’?


Straight-up BOOM! Dennis Miller’s ZINGER at John Brennan will TOTES piss the guy off (but you’ll laugh!)

OMG she can’t EVEN! Alyssa Milano flails about HILARIOUSLY in a panic when CBS admits blue wave DOUBTFUL

SIT DOWN! Sharyl Attkisson takes NO PRISONERS debating Lefties on Trump’s improving numbers with black Americans

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