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ATTAAAACK!!! Lefties FREAK out on 'Queer Eye' star and fellow Lefty Jonathan Van Ness for thinking for himself

Jonathan Van Ness had the NERVE to call on his fellow liberals to compromise in trying to elect more moderate people in hopes that many on the Right who may be unhappy with the current crop of GOP might support or even vote for them.


Because you know, if we’re not constantly attacking one another and divided apparently that’s a bad thing.

Hey, we’re not exactly lining up to vote for a Democrat but his rationale didn’t deserve the freak out it caused.

Extremism in either camp is a bad thing.


Guess how this went over with his Lefty pals.


And this is why the Left won’t have the blue tidal wave they keep claiming they’ll have …

People want universal healthcare? No. Most of us don’t.


He’s onto something here, Lefties. Maybe listen to him.

Yeah, right.


It’s not.

He’s not wrong.

And it’s all about elections you know, not the people.

Nope. But nice try.

In other words, they don’t want Jonathan thinking for himself. Got it.



Not happening.


Yes, your take is bad.

Oh, she meant his.

Our bad.

Morally correct.


Oh Lefties, don’t ever change.

And reading through this thread that doesn’t seem to be happening anytime soon.


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